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These are Firefox sidebar extensions that are either fully compatible, or have been modified to work in Seamonkey with xSidebar installed.

New: UrlParams 3.0.3, Scrapbook 1.3.7, Calculator 1.1.15, LiveHTTPHeaders 0.15, Tails Export 0.3.2, FoxDoc 1.0, EditCSS 0.3.6, mozImage 1.4.5, Content Preferences 0.1.2, Flickrfox 1.3.0, Fireflix 0.0.6.

General/Applications Sidebars


Calculator is an extension for and Firefox with an interface similar to Microsoft Powertoy Calculator. The changes in this modified version have been contributed back to the official Calculator project.

Install the latest version from the Calculator Installation webpage.

Install Calculator 1.1.15 for Seamonkey 1.1 to 2.1+:

Older versions of Calculator for Seamonkey:

Content Preferences

Content Preferences implements a basic service for persisting site-specific preferences to a profile database.

The prototype also includes some experimental UI in the form of a sidebar into which controls for twiddling site-specific preferences can be placed. The sidebar currently contains one such control: a slider that sets the text zoom value (i.e. what View > Text Size > Increase/Decrease/Normal sets).

Once you install the extension, the View > Text Size menu items and their keyboard shortcuts also become site-specific and profile-persistent (i.e. lasts as long as your profile does). So even if you never open the sidebar, you still get the benefits of the extension with the existing text zoom UI.

If you uninstall the extension, that UI goes back to the way it was before (i.e. tab-specific and tab-persistent). No permanent harm done (AFAICT, YMMV, etc.).

Install Content Preferences for Seamonkey 1.1:

Exch Sidebar

Exch allows the user to enter two currencies and get them converted from one to the other using data obtained from Yahoo! Finance.

For some reason, in SeaMonkey 1.0.x you have to open the Exch sidebar twice before it begins to work. This bug doesn't happen on SeaMonkey 1.5a.

Install Exch Sidebar for Seamonkey:


FireFox provides the possibility of browsing HTML documents stored inside compressed .ZIP archives. FoxDoc allows you to select a file from the local disk and to create the associated HTML file for browsing. It is useful for browsing large documentation sets (like Java SDK).

Install FoxDoc for Seamonkey:


GMarks Shows your Google Bookmarks in the sidebar, similar to your Firefox Bookmarks. You can use the star toolbar icon to toggle the sidebar (You might need to customize the toolbar to get the icon), or Alt+M, or by going to View>Sidebars>GMarks

Install GMarks for Seamonkey:


KeywordBar Shows a sidebar with all bookmarks that contain a defined keyword (shortcuts). The sidebar can be viewed by clicking on View|Sidebar|Keywords. Double-clicking on a keyword will insert it into the URLBar for quick access.

Install KeywordBar for Seamonkey:


Moji means character in japanese. The Moji project aims to help foreigners learning Japanese language to read web pages.

Moji is an integrated sidebar-dictionary for Japanese and Chinese including kanji dictionary. At least one additional dictionary package needed (Japanese to English, French, German, Russian, or Korean, or Chinese to English/German dictionary.) Visit Moji's homepage to download and install packages.

Moji requires xSidebarTIG on Thunderbird or xSidebar on SeaMonkey.

If you have problems please read the instructions at For support check

Moji is now fully compatible with SeaMonkey. Please install from Moji from

Install older Moji versions for Seamonkey 1.0 and 1.1:
This version adds sidebars to the main messenger window, the view message window, and the message compose window. Now updated for SuiteRunner and Thunderbird 2.0.


Moji dictionaries for Seamonkey: Updated for SuiteRunner and Thunderbird 2.0

mojien-0.5.1.xpi Japanese-English Dictionary for Moji.
mojiken-0.5-mod.xpi Japanese Kanji Dictionary in English for Moji.
mojijplaces-0.5.1.xpi Dictionary of places in Japan.
mojijpnam-0.5.1.xpi Dictionary of Japanese names.

The other moji 0.5.1 dictionaries can be found on the moji forums in this topic: Moji 0.9a3 release

mojien-0.4-mod.xpi Japanese-English Dictionary for Moji.
mojiken-0.4-mod.xpi Japanese Kanji Dictionary in English for Moji.
mojijplaces-0.4-mod.xpi Dictionary of places in Japan.
mojijpnam-0.4-mod.xpi Dictionary of Japanese names.


mozImage is an image viewer for the Mozilla Platform. It works out of the box with both Seamonkey and Firefox. However xSidebar allows this extension to use the Firefox sidebar hooks.

Install mozImage for Seamonkey:
(This version has been optimized for SeaMonkey)

Install the original version from the mozImage Releases webpage.


Scrapbook is a Firefox extension, which helps you to save Web pages and easily manage collections. Key features are lightness, speed, accuracy and multi-language support. Major features are:

Install Scrapbook for Seamonkey:
scrapbook-1.3.7-mod.xpi (SeaMonkey 2.0 to 2.1a1 only)

scrapbook- (SeaMonkey 1.1 and above only)
scrapbook- (SeaMonkey 1.1 and above only)

Extensions for SeaMonkey Scrapbook

Here are some Scrapbook enhancement extensions that have been modified by Maria Seliger to work with the SeaMonkey version of Scrapbook:
ScrapBook AutoSave

AutoSave allows you to save the visited web-pages automatically. Saved pages are sorted in a folder named the date. Go to Sidebar, [Tools] > [Add-on Functions] > [Auto Save Mode] to enable / disable auto-saving feature.

Add-ons for SeaMonkey > Extensions > ScrapBook AutoSave

ScrapBook BackupHelper

BackupHelper helps you to backup entire ScrapBook data with external compression program. Go to Sidebar, [Tools] > [Add-on Functions] > [Backup with Compression]. Select your favorite compression program and the destination file to backup. If you are using WinRAR or 7-Zip, choose the arguments from [Preset] menu. Otherwise please see a reference of the compression program and follow the guide in order to fill [Command Line Arguments] field correctly. Finally, press [Finish] button to start backup.

Add-ons for SeaMonkey > Extensions > ScrapBook BackupHelper

Scrapbook CopyPageInfo

CopyPageInfo allows you to copy to clipboard the meta-informations (e.g. title and URL) of saved pages. [Copy Page Info] menu is added to the right-click menu in Sidebar tree. You can copy all items in a folder by right-clicking the folder and select the menu. And you can copy sub-folders recursively by middle-clicking [Copy Page Info] menu. [Tools] > [Add-on Functions] > [Copy Page Info : Entire Tree] menu enables you to copy root folder or entire tree recursively.

You can configure the format of copied informations. Go to Sidebar, [Tools] > [Add-on Functions] > [Copy Page Info : Configure] then select favorite one from [Preset] menu or follow the instruction to customize your format.

Add-ons for SeaMonkey > Extensions > Scrapbook CopyPageInfo

Tails Export

Tails Export is an extension for Showing and Exporting Microformats. Currently it supports the following formats:
  • hCard [export to .vcf file]
  • hCalendar [export to .ics file]
  • hReview
  • xFolk
  • Rel-license

The statusbar contains a microformat logo that lights up when it detects known microformats. It is grey when it could detect none. Clicking on the logo opens up the sidebar with a list of all microformats on the page. For hcards and hcalendar microformats these contain an export button. It is now possible, via options, to set which of the above formats you want to detect and/or export. Also some debug options have been added so you can see the HTML, and in case of export, the exported content. This extension is heavily based upon the work done by:

  • Calvin Yu (Tails and Statusbar Icon)
  • Duncan Walker (Smartzilla and Logo)
  • Brian Suda (XSL stylesheets)
  • Jed Brown (About)

Install Tails Export for Seamonkey:

Web Development Sidebars


Console² replaces the JavaScript Console with what could be the next generation Error Console.

Console² let's you display errors filtered by type (Errors, Warnings, Messages), language (JavaScript, CSS, XML) and context (Chrome, Content). Furthermore it provides a simple search box (as seen in the History and Bookmarks sidebars) and some accessibility improvements.

Console² works out of the box in xSidebar's sidebar. Install the latest version from the Console² homepage:


CookiePanel CookiePanel lets you see the cookies that are coming into your computer in real-time. Everytime a web site puts a cookie on your computer, you will be able to see it in the sidebar. The goal is to give you a better idea of which sites are tracking you and how. That way, you can make more informed decisions about which sites to visit or avoid and how you want to set up your privacy options. The panel is set up to make it easy to understand and easy to see which cookies might affect your privacy online.

SuiteRunner Note: If jslib is not installed first, CookiePanel attempts to download and install jslib when first activated, however the version that CookiePanel downloads is missing an install.rdf file and so fails to install.
CookiePanel now updated to download the correct version of jslib.

To workaround this problem, donwload and install the latest jslib from: You may need to disable extension compatibility in SuiteRunner builds in order to get jslib to install.

Install CookiePanel for Seamonkey:


DevBoi is sidebar extension for Mozilla and Firefox browsers that offers easy access to web-development documentations and reference manuals on the Internet. However the Mozilla (Seamonkey) version is on-line only and unlike the Firefox version cannot be used off-line. This is a modified version of the off-line extension that works with xSidebar.

Install DevBoi off-line for Seamonkey: devboi_offline-0.2.6-mod.xpi

I've submitted my changes to the DevBoi project. It is to be hoped that my changes will make it into the next release. Meanwhile you can install DevBoi 0.5.1 Beta off-line for Seamonkey: devboi_offline-0.5.1-mod.xpi


EditCSS provides an easy way for web developpers to edit and modify currently loaded stylesheets. It's an extension based on a wonderfull bookmarklet created by Jesse Ruderman.

The latest versions of EditCSS are SeaMonkey compatible out of the box. You can get the latest versions from the EditCSS page on AMO

Install EditCSS for Seamonkey:
editcss-0.3.6-mod.xpi SuiteRunner Ready.


LiveHTTPHeaders adds information about the HTTP headers in two ways:

  • First by adding a 'Headers' tab in 'View Page Info' of a web page.
  • Second by adding a tool in the 'Tools->Web Development' menu to be able to display http headers in real time (while pages are being downloaded from the Internet.
  • Third by letting you edit request headers and replay an URL (beta). Look for the Replay button in the live window!

LiveHTTPHeaders works out of the box with both Seamonkey and Firefox. However xSidebar allows this extension to exist in a Firefox style sidebar.

Install LiveHTTPHeaders for Seamonkey:

  • Version 0.15 works out of the box for SeaMonkey but I've tweaked the code to make it work better in SeaMonkey and optimized a few things in this mod. And fixed some bugs as well!


  • Version 0.14 works out of the box for SeaMonkey but I've tweaked the code to make it work better in SeaMonkey and optimized a few things in this mod.


  • Updated to work in SuiteRunner and Minefield.
  • The Headers tab in the new Page Info window is not working yet.
  • Added a toolbarbutton that can be dragged out of the Customize Toolbar window .


Install the original version from the LiveHTTPHeaders Installation webpage.


UrlParams displays the GET and POST parameters of a website in a Firefox/Mozilla/Seamonkey sidebar.

Have a look at the Usage page for more info about its options and features.

I've made minor tweaks to the last version of UrlParams I found to improve SeaMonkey compatibility.

Install UrlParams for SeaMonkey 2.7 and above:

UrlParams works out of the box with both Seamonkey and Firefox. However xSidebar allows this extension to exist in a Firefox style sidebar.

Install the original version from the UrlParams Downloads webpage.

Changes in the structure of UrlParams 2.2.0 broke SeaMonkey compatibility. This mod restores compatibility and the changes have been submitted to the UrlParams author and will be added to the next version. In the meantime you can install this version in SeaMonkey:

Flickr Sidebars


Fireflix is a flickr uploader/manager extension for the Firefox web browser.

Install Fireflix for Seamonkey:

Flickr Sidebar

The Flickr Sidebar is used for viewing and searching photo lists. You can access it by the command key Ctrl+Shift+F, the toolbar button, or clicking on the menu option View|Sidebars|Flickr Sidebar. Once you have authorized the extension to work with your flickr account, you can search through or view a full list of your photos, your favorites, everyones photos, your individual contacts, or your groups. Double clicking a photo opens it's page in the current tab. You can also use all the standard link modifiers to open in tabs and windows.

Note: Autocomplete does not work in Seamonkey. But otherwise everything else seems to work.

Install The Flickr Sidebar for Seamonkey:


Flickrfox is an extension for Firefox (versions 1.0 - 3.0alpha) and Flock that lets you browse your Flickr photostreams in a sidebar. It makes managing groups, searching tags, and keeping up with your contacts easy, and it’s a fun way to explore flickr.

Install Flickfox for Seamonkey:

Search Related Sidebars

Advanced Search Sidebar

The Searchsidebar project is a port of the Mozilla Suite (Seamonkey) search sidebar to Firefox. So why am I porting this back to Seamonkey? No particular reason, just to see if it still works in Seamonkey. What's New:
  • Added Seamonkey style Preferences page.
  • Made this a standalone extension that doesn't depend on xSidebar. Changes have been contributed back to the official Advanced Search Sidebar project.
  • Official searchsidebar released with standalone seamonkey compatibility.

The 0.1.9 series works only with Firefox 2.0 and the new search engine service. Install the last version that works in SeaMonkey:

Install the latest version from the Advanced Search Sidebar Installation webpage.

Older version of Advanced Search Sidebar for Seamonkey:

Alexa Sidebar Again

Alexa Sidebar Again: The Alexa Sidebar (What's Related) Here Again.

Install Alexa Sidebar Again for Seamonkey:

Google Related

Related adds a sidebar panel, with google's "Related Search" for the current page.

Install Related for Seamonkey: related-1.3-sm.xpi


Sidelinks Sidebar harvests links into a sidebar panel.

Install Sidelinks Sidebar for Seamonkey: sidelinks-0.3-mod.xpi

Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Search Sidebar allows Yahoo! Searches from the sidebar.

Install Yahoo! Search Sidebar for Seamonkey: yahoo!_search_sidebar-1.0-mod.xpi

For questions or comments about xsidebar, please send a message to the xsidebar mailing list.
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