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What's New
  • 2011-07-28: Released xSidebarTIG 0.8.
  • 2010-07-21: Released xSidebarTIG 0.7.
  • 2009-08-13: Released xSidebarTIG 0.6.
  • 2008-12-12: Released xSidebarTIG 0.5.
  • 2007-08-02: Released xSidebarTIG 0.4.
  • 2007-03-20: Released xSidebarTIG 0.3.
  • 2006-01-04: Released xSidebarTIG 0.2.
  • 2006-12-24: Released xSidebarTIG 0.1.
  • 2006-12-23: Uploaded Moji 0.9a3.

xSidebar for Thunderbird


xSidebarTIG ports the Firefox sidebar to Thunderbird. After installation there will be a sidebar in the Messenger, ViewMessage, and MessageCompose windows. These sidebars can be toggled open and closed with the F9 key, or from the View —> Sidebar menu. Once installed, Firefox sidebar extensions that use the Firefox API can be made to work in Thunderbird.

These resources cover the basics of creating a Firefox sidebar extension:

Install xSidebarTIG for Thunderbird

xSidebarTIG 0.8

Compatibility: Thunderbird 3.0 to Thunderbird 7.
It will probably work in Thunderbird trunk builds but it's untested in this environment.

Install: xsidebarTIG-0.8.xpi

What's new:

  • Added sv-SE locale from Babelzilla.
  • Support for Thunderbird 5+,
  • Slim Sidebar Addons Manager styles updated for Gecko 2+
  • Fixed minor bug in the Contacts Sidebar overlay.

Version 0.7 (2010-07-21) for Thunderbird 3.0 to 3.1:

What's new:

  • Minimum supported version is now Thunderbird 3.0.
  • Compact styles for the addons sidebar updated for Thunderbird 3.0 and 3.1.

Version 0.6 (2009-08-13) for Thunderbird 1.5 to 3.0:

Version 0.5 (2008-12-12):

Version 0.4 (2007-08-02):

Version 0.3 (2007-03-20):

Version 0.2 (2007-01-04):

Version 0.1 (2006-12-23) initial release:

Changelog 2010-0.7-21: xSidebarTIG v0.7:
  • Minimum supported version is now Thunderbird 3.0.
  • Compact styles for the addons sidebar updated for Thunderbird 3.0 and 3.1.

2008-18-13: xSidebarTIG v0.6:

  • [fix] Fix session history error in browser.xml (disable history in our sidebar browser element).
  • [fix] Theme splitter not oriented vertical in TB >= 2.0.
  • [new] Added da-DK, pl-PL, sr-RS, and zh-CN locales from Babelzilla.
  • [enh] Better support for tabmail UI in TB3.0b3.

2008-12-12: xSidebarTIG v0.5:

  • [fix] Sidebar splitter not totally hidden on Thunderbrird startup.
  • [fix] Nesting error which showed the splitter but not the persisted sidebar on application startup.
  • [fix] xSidebar bug 17854 - xSidebar for Tb problem persisting visiblity on restart.
  • [new] Added ca-AD and pt-BR locales from Babelzilla.
  • [new] Added tr-TR, and uk-UA locales from Babelzilla.
  • [new] Added cs-CZ, mk-MK and ru-RU locales from Babelzilla.
  • [fix] xSidebarTIG broken on Shredder 3.0b1.
  • Updated addon sidebar styles for Shredder 3.0b1.
  • [fix] Sending from contacts sidebar fails if no message folder is focused/loaded.

2007-08-02: xSidebarTIG v0.4:

  • [updated] Adapt more slim styles from for the Add-ons sidebar.
  • [new] When the contacts sidebar is in messenger, hide non functioning context menu items and buttons.
  • [new] When the contacts sidebar is in messenger, add context menu items to open the compose window with the highlighted address in the to, cc, or bcc field.
  • [fix] fixed bustage on trunk due to the landing of the tabbed interface.
  • [new] Added latest Babelzilla translations.

2007-03-20: xSidebarTIG v0.3:

  • [fix] For *nix platforms change the toggleSidebar hotkey from F9 to F4.
  • [new] Added a toolbarbutton for the Contacts sidebar.
  • [fix] Fix load, unload and js errors in abContactsPanel.
  • [new] Added sidebar-picker toolbar button to the sidebar.
  • [new] Override Contacts Sidebar in message compose window.
  • [fix] Improve compatibility with Contactssidebar Extension.

2007-01-04: xSidebarTIG v0.2:
[New] Extension and Theme managers (Thunderbird 1.5), and Addons manager (Thunderbird 2.0) in the sidebar.

2006-12-23: Initial release v0.1:
Based on the xSidebar code contributed to the sidebar in Moji 0.9a3.

For questions or comments about xsidebar, please send a message to the xsidebar mailing list.
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